a U.S. veteran-created indie audio drama


narrated by Layla Fatima

six exceptional women
one incredible story

In 2010, six ordinary women with extraordinary dreams make a stand. They volunteer for the grueling 14-week Infantry course at Fort Benning, Georgia - pioneers in a groundbreaking program to crack open the historically male-only infantry. Under the relentless gaze of Drill Sergeant Lily Rodriguez, a tough-as-nails Puerto Rican, and the skepticism of her right-hand man, Drill Sergeant Dower, these women are pushed to their physical and emotional limits. Each carries a burden from a life left behind, but the weight gets heavier when tragedy strikes one of their own in the barracks, just as news of a devastating war explodes on the national stage.Undeterred, they forge an unbreakable bond, graduating Infantry school and deploying to a volatile warzone. But the battlefield brings a new set of challenges. A replacement soldier fills the void left by their fallen comrade, a man they must learn to trust. Embedded with them is a reporter who prioritizes parties over the truth. As the war intensifies, so do tensions. Personal demons resurface, haunted by the barracks mystery and the ever-present threat of death. Can these women overcome loss, doubt, and a hostile environment to prove they deserve the title of "Infantry, the Queen of Battle"? Find out in our gripping audio drama - a story of resilience, sisterhood, and the fight to rewrite history, one battlefield at a time.


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IMDb top 10 war podcast series

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Content warning: This audio drama contains coarse language and themes, including violence and war, sexual assault, bullying, and drug use, that some listeners may be sensitive to or may find distressing. Please take note.

season alpha

Flash forward. A small reunion takes place at a familiar watering hole, The Hollow Leg.
Present day, and Day 1 of Infantry training: Six new women recruits meet their Drill Sergeants in a not-so-cuddly way. They begin Basic Infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia.
Cast: Layla Fatima, Hannah Milon, Nicole Alvarez, Kristina Molina, Tyler Jach, Stephanie Kirves, Jenn Alvarez, J. Hazen, Jax Gervasio, Latonya Gray, Bronwyn Mae.

Week 3 of Infantry training. The women complete a long road march; Natsumi receives an interesting item in her care package; Lopez talks about her fiance; Alphabet has an extra item in her locker. Week 7 of Infantry Training (FTX). While occupying a machine gun position, White and Natsumi discuss life before the army.
Cast: Jenn Alvarez, Nicole Alvarez, Jax Gervasio, Latonya Gray, J. Hazen, Stephanie Kirves, Hannah Milon, Kristina Molina, Bronwyn Mae.

Week 10 of Infantry training. The recruits experience a dressing-down at Reveille and get informed about a new conflict; Dougherty is missing part of her uniform; White has concerns about DS Dower; Big Sis has an upsetting encounter with a Drill Sergeant; Alphabet has an odd discussion with a Drill Sergeant.
Cast: Jenn Alvarez, Nicole Alvarez, Jax Gervasio, Latonya Gray, J. Hazen, Stephanie Kirves, Hannah Milon, Kristina Molina, Bronwyn Mae.

Week 12 of Infantry training. Night at the machine gun position where Natsumi discusses a recurring dream and Big Sis admits fears of going to war. Week 13 of Infantry training. Final inspection and a first meeting with a new character, Lt. Adams, the Platoon Leader; the recruits get disquieting news about sister companies and are given some freedom; Big Sis has a heart-to-heart with Alphabet.
Cast: Jenn Alvarez, Nicole Alvarez, Layla Fatima, Jax Gervasio, Latonya Gray, J. Hazen, Stephanie Kirves, Hannah Milon, Kristina Molina, Bronwyn Mae.

Week 13, continued. Three of the recruits enjoy some liberty at a local bar; Lopez (with a little liquid courage) opens up about her past; Dougherty really likes beer; the following morning there is a problem with Alphabet.
Cast: Jenn Alvarez, Nicole Alvarez, Layla Fatima, Latonya Gray, J. Hazen, Stephanie Kirves, Hannah Milon, Kristina Molina, Bronwyn Mae.

Season 1 finale. Week 14, continued. The recruits graduate and are now Infantry soldiers. Lt Adams gives an update about deployment; questions persist regarding Alphabet; White gets a surprise.
Cast: Jenn Alvarez, Nicole Alvarez, Latonya Gray, J. Hazen, Stephanie Kirves, Hannah Milon, Kristina Molina, Ash Sparks, Bronwyn Mae.

season bravo

12 weeks deployed. The women have stationed themselves in an old schoolhouse. Questions linger about Alphabet’s passing; Rodriguez, now the unit's First Sergeant, updates the troops on the war situation and a new guest; Dower and Rodriguez discuss the increasing uncertainties of the war. 16 weeks deployed. The squad takes its first casualty; the sorely missed Medic finally arrives, as well as an interesting guest.
Cast: Layla Fatima, Latonya Gray, Stephanie Kirves, Kristina Molina, Tyler Jach, J. Hazen, Jenn Alavarez, Hannah Milon, Nicole Alvarez, Ash Sparks, Stuart Parks II, Bronwyn Mae.

18 weeks deployed. Reports tell of further hindrances for the allies; Rick brings gifts for the squad; Natsumi gives a class on hygiene which gets a little out of control.
Cast: Latonya Gray, Layla Fatima, Tyler Jach, Stephanie Kirves, Kristina Molina, Stuart Parks II, Nicole Alvarez, Ash Sparks, Hannah Milon, J. Hazen, Bronwyn Mae.

Warning: suggestion of sexual assault.
18 weeks deployed (continued). White has a tense conversation with Dower; Big Sis shares a personal tragedy; Dower and Lopez have an altercation; White confronts the enemy; Lopez gets upsetting news; First Sergeant Rodriguez interrupts an impromptu party; Dougherty reveals some hidden talents.
Cast: Stephanie Kirves, J. Hazen, Latonya Gray, Tyler Jach, Stuart Parks II, Ash Sparks, Kristina Molina, Nicole Alvarez, Hannah Milon, Jenn Alvarez, Bronwyn Mae.

21 weeks deployed. Dower meets with the Lt for a sitrep on the war; Natsumi and White discuss fears; another patrol, but this time more than a sprain; Rick and Dower have words; Natsumi treats a patient.
Cast: J Hazen, Ash Sparks, Kristina Molina, Nicole Alvarez, Stephanie Kirves, Stuart Parks II, Tyler Jach, Hannah Milon, Latonya Gray, Layla Fatima, Bronwyn Mae.

Warning: sexual assault references.
Nine months deployed. Lopez gets tested; Rick brings good news; Dower becomes unhinged; Big Sis exacts justice; Rodriguez provides cover fire. Flashback. The original six recruits meet at the Fort Benning reception center.
Cast: Nicole Alvarez, Stephanie Kirves, Kristina Molina, Stuart Parks II, Tyler Jach, Ash Sparks, Hannah Milon, Latonya Gray, J Hazen, Jenn Alvarez, Layla Fatima, Jax Gervasio, Bronwyn Mae.

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